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Synthesizer circuits
Synthesizer "PRBSynth1"
Noise and random based sound engine (no oscillators)
Synthesizer "MonoVoks1"
Synthesizer "MonoVoks2"
Synthesizer "MonoLadder1"
Synthesizer "MonoStat1" (proto)
Synthesizer "MonoVoks4"
more to come
1GHz over a breadboard
Airflow detector Arduino=sensor
Blink in the dark without transistors
Thermal Noise generator
RF bridge 1kHz-1GHz
Thevenin meter
Vocal suppression, no chips
Thyristor temperature sensor
RC-osc wide range tuning
audio effect: Pipeline distortion
more to come
more to come
Starters: Arduino Workshop
Starters: E-charge detector
Starters: Thumbtack "Theremin"
more to come
My first synth design (1978)
1 transistor percussion (1985)
16 chan audiomixer (1990)
My old modular synth designs